To all the in-game characters is an immersive narrative exploring modern game engines' potential as story devices for meta/recursive narratives. A tribute to all the in-game characters.

The physical settings of this narrative is a collaboration with OpenAI's GPT-3, ran on a text completion neural network model trained with materials from Jorge Luis Borges. To see more about the collaboration, check here

The generated raw texts can be seen in-game as the "notes from the architect".


Interact: Left Mouse btn,

Zoom:  Right Mouse btn,

W A S D,

Jump: Space,

Crouch: C.


Download 247 MB
Download 249 MB

Development log


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Wow, the game is very creepy and empty, the concept is so well reflected in the simplicity of the art design.

What an eerie yet inviting yet creepy feeling I got from this game. It reminded me of that suspension feeling really well done horror or thriller movies can give you. Your execution of this was wonderfully done, I really enjoyed every aspect of this game.

I feel like you have very solid game making skills. Your game modeling is stunning. Your backstory and the concept of the game design is also very interesting. I remember you saying earlier that you wanted to make the character aware of being in the game world. It's a very philosophical topic.

This game is so different from what we have done before, I like how unique it is, a very cool piece. The style you chose makes me feel like in the past time but also a science fiction world. The game overall is a mystery, and I have to imagine what to do next. Love it a lot!

What a unique and attractive experience, with visual style changing, unreal lights and shadows following, space transforming and shifting, and of course the pieces of narrative interpretation from visual, auditory, and textual perspectives. The background of machine learning and the AI generating prompts are also intriguing. Good work on choosing the game engine to simulate the flexible and tangible "story".

BTW, if I walk in the opposite way on the final bridge, I would trigger that bug and fall to the inner ground. Apart from that, the whole experience is consistent.

I love how mysterious this game is making me feel, the player feels uncertain while playing it and it makes me feel so excited to explore all the way down

Holy cow this feels like a game that I would watch youtubers play like 5 years ago. I mean this as a compliment if you couldn't tell. It's eerie and mysterious and I loved figuring out what to do. I really hope you end up finishing this!

I really felt shocked when I saw this huge building standing in the desert! Especially when I walked out of a closed room, there was a feeling of extra openness.